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Multiple Problems

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Collatyo is a pioneering software solution designed with a concerted focus on the evolving needs of students and other direct & indirect users of the EdTech domain like parents, faculty, institutes etc. Collatyo aims to revolutionize this user segment by providing several new and some refashioned old features like news and articles, career guidance etc.

The thoughtfully designed features will add value by bridging the gap between such users and a variety of solutions like EdTech products, social media platforms etc. In short, Collatyo will provide an umbrella solution to multiple stakeholders with different needs, while being immensely resourceful to achieve what it is designed for i.e. student engagement and growth.

Cloud Based

High availability, speed, scalability and security for a seamless experience across different platforms, to help you complete everyday tasks better than before.

Highly Secure

Application data is transmitted to private cloud servers using HTTPS protocol and secured through 256-bit SSL encryption, role-based access control and authentication.

Light Weight

In addition to a smaller resource footprint on disk, memory, and CPU, our application is less time-consuming to install, learn, and use, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

Dedicated Support

User experience and trust is absolutely critical to us and that is why, support is an essential part of our delivery process. If you need help, our support team will connect with you asap.

Collatyo aims to introduce
a new dimension to the EdTech products

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Our Philosophy

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our endeavor is about people, not projects

Guide to our ambition

Collatyo is working with a mission to develop a homogeneous ecosystem of varied student resources that empowers them and the other stakeholders in the problem domain. Collatyo will strive to deliver a simple yet effective solution through the provision of a comprehensive, cohesive, and differentiated software platform aligned to high achievement standards.

DNA for our decisions

Our vision is to have an independent but unified global student community that participates and contributes through common interests, empowered by proper access to all resources necessary to acquire and express knowledge & skills that will support their all-round development.

Vision Statement

A picture of the future that inspires us

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